Moorside Community Primary School

Moorside Community Primary School


In 2014 the National Curriculum replaced the teaching of ICT with Computing. The essential part of Computing is that it allows children to discover new skills and develop their understanding of the world.

At Moorside Community Primary School we have chosen to follow the Rising Stars Computing programme of study.

The Award-winning 'Switched on Computing' supports teachers of all levels of experience to deliver the requirements of the new programme of study in an exciting and engaging way. Please see grid below for an outline of the 'Switched on Computing' units that are taught in each year.

Computers and other technological aids are used throughout the school. Computing skills are taught as a discrete subject and as a means of supporting other areas of the curriculum. The children are encouraged to communicate ideas and information in a variety of forms, where appropriate, using equipment and computer software to enhance their learning. Children have the opportunity to learn how to word process, use a desktop publishing programme, incorporate graphics, use and create a database, explore adventure games and use floor robots.

All classrooms are equipped with a computer and an interactive whiteboard. The pupil to computer ratio is 1:4. This has enabled easy access to computers through other curriculum subjects. Our ultimate aim is to see Computing making a significant contribution to learning and teaching across all subject and ages, inside and outside of the curriculum.

The school is Internet linked. Please make sure that you have signed the Internet usage agreement. If you look at your child's year group page you can find out what they are learning about each half term!

“A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.” – National Curriculum, Computing

 Here at Moorside we prepare our children for the wider world by developing their ‘can do’ attitude to problem solving and logical thinking through computer science.

We do this through coding and teaching digital citizenship. Children learn how to navigate their way online, using software and create digital software with purpose.

To equip our youngest learners with digital skills here at Moorside we provide children with a broad, play-based experience of computing in a variety of contexts, including outdoor play. Computing is not just about using tablets, laptops and digital equipment it is learning about how computers feature in the real world and providing children with computing scenarios. Children gain skills, knowledge and confidence  through opportunities to ‘paint and draw’ on the interactive whiteboard and explore through ICT toys such as BeeBots.

Moorside children have access to a class set of laptops each week and have at least twelve tablets in each year group.

 Every half term children follow the ‘ Rising Stars Switch on Computing Scheme’ and study computing science or Information, Communication and Technology. At the start of each half-term an online safety lesson is taught using the Google Be Internet Legends scheme.

Google Interland is an adventure-packed online game that puts the key lessons of digital citizenship and safety into hands-on practice.


Scratch is a tool to create stories and online games.


Hour of Code short coding lessons to create games and activities online