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Adverse Weather

3 December 2020 (by schooladmin)

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we approach that time of year when snow threatens, I just wanted to remind everyone of the arrangements that are in place in the event that we have to close school before or during the school day.

In the event of severe weather, as Headteacher, I will make an assessment about whether it is safe and practical to open the school to pupils. This includes school meals provision and cleaning as well as safe adult to pupil ratios. Due to the Covid 19 risk assessment arrangements meaning that we cannot mix ‘bubbles’ we will need to consider staffing available for each year group. Any decisions made will be based on factors affecting our school alone and other schools may make a different decision according to their individual circumstances.

If school is not able to open due to snow or other adverse weather conditions, Parents/Carers will be notified in the following ways:

  • Text message - please ensure that we have up-to-date mobile numbers
  • School website
  • School Facebook page.
  • Seesaw (Teachers will also be adding work for pupils to complete)
  • Calderdale council website

If weather conditions worsen during the school day and it becomes necessary to close school, Parents/Carers will be notified by text message.  Under these circumstances we would appreciate children being collected as soon as possible.  Any children who cannot be collected will be cared for in school until arrangements can be made for them to get home safely.

It is our aim to keep school open if this is at all possible, taking full account of the health and safety of staff, pupils and parents.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. H. Higgs