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Critical worker/vulnerable pupil information

5 January 2021 (by schooladmin)

Dear Parent/Carer,

Critical worker/vulnerable pupil information

Following the Government announcement that schools will close to most children, I am writing with some further information regarding the coming weeks. School is open for the following children:

  • Pupils who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCPs)
  • Children who are classed as vulnerable. If your child is identified as vulnerable by school, in line with the government guidance, school will contact you to offer you a place.
  • Children whose parents work is critical to the coronavirus and EU transition response including those who work in health and social care and in other key sectors that have been outlined. Please refer to the Government guidance

 If you are needing Critical worker provision and we have not been in touch with you – please contact school and we can discuss your requirements.

Children attending school are not required to wear school uniform – but must come dressed sensibly and in warm clothing.

Children attending Breakfast Café can arrive from 7:45 – through the Breakfast Café entrance (Hall door)

All other children attending school should come to school for 9am through Breakfast Café/Hall entrance.

We do have a flexible finish time – children should be collected via the school office no later than 3pm.

Nursery children should enter and exit via their usual classroom entrance.

Remote learning

All children will be provided with learning to complete on a daily basis. The Government expectation is that Primary School children will complete at least three hours of learning per day. For more information please see our remote learning policy which will be available on the school website. All remote learning will be uploaded to Seesaw. If you are struggling to access any aspect of Seesaw, please contact school and we will be able to assist you.

Work will be presented in a variety of ways with links to resources. In addition, we will be providing the CGP work packs. Please do not work thorough the work packs without checking the teacher instructions as the staff will be working hard to plan appropriate activities in line with planned learning.

It is important that you ensure your child engages with learning as we know that this lockdown is anticipated to last until at least February half term. We will be closely monitoring your child’s engagement and we are here to support you in any way we can.

Access to ICT

If your child is unable to access a device or the internet we may be able to support you with the loan of a device (subject to agreement) and we also have some Sim cards which can be used to support access to data. Please contact school if you need any ICT support.


We will aim to contact all families of children who are not attending school, via telephone at least once per week to check that all is well. If we are unable to contact families, we may conduct home visits (within socially distanced measures). However, if you need to speak to someone, please do not hesitate to contact us.

School Meals

For children who are in school, school meals will still be available in the usual way or children can bring a packed lunch if this is their preference. School will continue to provide for all children who are entitled to benefit related free school meals. It is our intention to use the Morrison’s Food box delivery scheme – unless the LA puts an alternative in place. We will send out a text survey to all FSM families regarding this. It is important that you reply to this message. 

We are still awaiting further, more detailed guidance and so some of the information I have given you may be subject to change.

I will keep you updated.

Kindest regards

 H Higgs