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October Lunch Menu

29 September 2023 (by schooladmin)

 Friday 29th September 2023

 Dear Parent/Carer,

 We are due to change to the winter lunch menu (October half term-Easter).

 We have decided to trial a system where the children will complete their menu in school. This is for the following reasons:

  • Some children have not returned a menu. This means that they may not get a choice of meal or may mean that there is a shortage of a meal choice for children who have returned their menu.
  • We have noticed that we have a number of children who say that they do not like their menu choice. This has led to a lot of food waste.

The staff will work with all children complete a menu choice (even if they usually bring packed lunches). Hopefully this will ensure that all children can have their choice of lunch and will hopefully mean that they are having something they know they enjoy.

If any parent would like to see their child’s menu choice, please contact Mrs. Laycock via the school office.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. H. Higgs